Labor & Employment Law

Labor & Employment Law

We deal in the matters of appointment of an employees or employers, cases of Civil Servants, regarding workers or workmen, appointment and termination matters, cases about recruitment appointment, promotion and reversion to a lower grade or service, removal form service, matters of pension, gratuity and provident fund, all kinds of cases regarding service and employment.

Labour Law in Pakistan is very comprehensive and contains several Ordinances, Acts, Rules & Regulations and all other statutes relating to Industrial, Commercial and Labour Establishments which are widely scattered and inaccessible statutes. These different laws give authentic guide to the Employers, the Employees, the Trade Unions and the concerned Agencies to realize their respective responsibilities and to become aware of their prescribed legal rights to be asserted. Our Law Firm has the main object to provide the legal services concerning these Labour Laws to the Employers and the Employees for the smooth running of the business in order to achieve the target of higher productively, reasonable profits and better wages.

– Drafting & Vetting of Employment Contracts and Agreements;

– Legal Notices & Replies;

– Legal Opinion;

– Cases before Labour Courts;

– Cases before Labour Tribunals;

– Cases before Social Security Courts and Appeals;

– Cases before NIRC;

– Cases before High Courts; and

– Cases before Supreme Court

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