Constitutional Law

Constitutional Law

The experience and expertise of Trek Law covers a wide range of constitutional, statutory and common- law issues. Our constitutional law practitioners are engaged in government counselling, advising possible constitutional challenges and analyzing proposed legislation. We enjoy a reputation of creative constitutional lawyers having ability to anticipate legal challenges.

We provide a wide range of services on constitutional law including formulating new legal and policy documents, developing complex legal theories, advancing constitutional arguments on legislative documents and managing complex litigation.

We have substantial experience representing state, governments, corporations, and public interest groups against constitutional challenges and advising clients on the constitutional implications of legislation. We frequently handle the cases involving constitutional law before the Supreme Court and the High Courts of Pakistan. 

At the Supreme Court of Pakistan, we have argued in numerous leading constitutional cases including Overseas Pakistanis right to vote case, Chairman OGRA appointment case, panama case, rigging in general elections case, verification of pleadings in election matters case, ombudsman jurisdiction case and many other leading cases. 

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